Francs Peak
Name:Francs Peak
Origin Of Name:Peak, Park County, Wyo., ... Shoshone National Forest. Named for the pioneer, Otto Franc. (Decisions, 1932)
Feature Category:Land Features
StoriesAs you go up the Greybull River toward the Pitchfork Ranch, there is a prominent butte which stands out from the surrounding country. This butte is referred to as Francs Butte. Here, it is said, two Indian tribes warred together. One tribe was on the butte and the other was attacking from below. The tribe on top ran out of water and food. They succeeded in killing a buffalo that ran on top of the butte which provided them food. Then one of the Indian braves took the paunch of the buffalo and slipped down the river during the night and managed to get back with it full of water. But this was only short reprieve. The tribe below was starving them out. The young brave who had been responsible for leading them into this trap, wishing to make atonement, jumped over the bluff to his death below. The Indians then rushed up the hill, captured their foes. (WPA)
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