Point of Rocks Stagecoach Station
Title:Point of Rocks Stagecoach Station
Other Names:Almond Stage Station, Rock Point Stage Station
Feature Category:Manmade Features
Origin Of Name:Once known as Almond Stage Station, which was a relay point for the Ben Holliday Overland Stages in 1862. (WPA) The coals of the Almond coal group are of poorer quality than those of the Rock Springs coal group and as they occur close to the abundant supply of high-grade coal mined at Rock Springs they have not been much exploited. The only place where they have been mined is Point of Rocks, formerly called Almond. (Guidebook of the Western United States) Located at the "present site of the Point of Rocks Railway Station. Rock Point was the original name, Point of Rocks came with the Railroad." (Annals of Wyoming 34:2)
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