Devils Tower
Title:Devils Tower
Other Names:Aloft on the Rock, Bad Gods Tower, Bear Lodge Butte,; Bear Peak, Bear's House, Bear's Lair, Bear's Lodge; Bear's Tipi, Ghost Mountain, Grey Horn Butte, Grizzly Bear Lodge, Grizzly Bear's Lodge,; Mateo Tepee, Mythic-Owl Mountain, Penis Mountain, Tree Rock
Origin Of Name:A great tower of rock, raising 1,126 feet above the Belle Fourche River. Known as "Mateo Tipi" by the Indians who believed it to be the dwelling place of the Thunder God. (WPA)
Type:Devils Tower National monument is impressive, and seemed to be the Indians' gift of the gods; they pictured the great Thunder God upon this eminence beating upon his huge drum to make thunder. Many moons ago, said they, bears attacked three maidens gathering flowers. As they fled, the gods took pity and caused the rock to spring up from the ground, up which the maidens climbed, followed by the bears until the clumsy animals could no longer mount the steep, rocky surface, when they fell to their death. The maidens fashioned their flowers into a rope and lowered themselves to the ground. The magnificent formation with its vivid coloring is now known to be the remains of an extinct volcano but the Indians insist the fluted appearance was caused by scratches of bear claws. From Touraide, Conoco Travel Bureau, Denver. (WPA)
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