Popo Agie River
Name:Popo Agie River
Origin Of Name:When white men first came into the country, they found the three Popo Agie Rivers already named the Popo Agie, which is the main stream, the North branch of that river, and the Little Popo Agie, which is the south branch. Popo Agie is a Crow name, and like all Indian names has a direct and practical meaning. Popo signifies head, and Agie, water; therefore, these streams are so named because they get their water directly from the fountain head, the mountains. They are very beautiful mountain torrents and were highly prized by the Crows in their day in that country. (WPA) River, Fremont County, Wyo., formed by the junction of North and Middle Popo Agie Rivers ... and flowing easterly to unite with Winder River near the Wind River base line in R. 4 E., Wind River meridian, to form Big Horn River. (Decisions, 1916, 1932)
Other Names:Wan-ze-gara, Popo-azze-ah
Feature Category:Water Features
Alternate SpellingsPopo-Agie
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