La Prairie De La Messe
Title:La Prairie De La Messe
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Origin Of Name:"Fr. De Smet undertook his tour of exploration in the spring, starting from Saint Louis on April 5th, and from Westport, near Kansas City, on April 30, 1840. Here he joined the annual expedition of the American Fur Company to the rendezvous on Green river, which arrived at that place June 30th. An escort of Flathead warriors was there awaiting him. On Sunday, July 5th, the day before his departure for the Flathead camp, Fr. De Smet celebrated the holy sacrafice of the Mass sub dio, on an altar placed on an elevation in the prairie, around which boughs and garlands of wild flowers had been planted in the form of a large semi-circle. The missionary addressed the motley crowd of attendants in French and English, and also spoke to the Flatheads and Snakes through interpreters. The Canadians sang a portion of the Mass in Latin, and canticles in French, whilst the Indians chanted hymns in their native tongues, and for a long time afterward the place where the edifying ceremony was held was known as La prairie de la Messe." (American Catholic Historical Society) A monument was placed at the site near present day Daniel in 1925. (Cody Enterprise, July 22, 1925)
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