La Bonte Creek
Title:La Bonte Creek
Other Names:Big Timber Creek, La Fourche Boisee
County:Albany; Converse
Feature Category:Water Features
Origin Of Name:Creek and town in Converse County, Wyoming, named for La Bonte, an early French trapper. (Gannett, 1905) La Bonte, another noted character was of the party and was killed in Utah. La Bonte belonged in Wyoming and had lived for a number of years on the North Platte in what is now Converse County. La Bonte Creek, which flows into the North Platte and La Bonte Station on the old Overland Trail were named after this old trapper. The Indians after killing this noted character, cut flesh from the bones and ate it. (WPA) LaBonte was a trapper with "Uncle Dick" Woolston's party in 1838. (Annals of Wyoming 14:3) Big Timber Creek was called La Fourche Boisee by Fremontmore frequently it was known by the name it still retains - La Bonte Creek, in Converse County, Wyoming. (Thwaites)
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