Two Ocean Pass
Title:Two Ocean Pass
Feature Category:Land Features
Origin Of Name:Described by Jim Bridger in the early 1830's as the place where a stream comes from the north and divides in the canyon, one flowing to the Atlantic seaboard and the other to the Pacific. (WPA) The timbered Continental Divide, which comes down in a southeasterly direction from Yellowstone Park, arches here toward the west to form a three-way watershed. Streams from these mountains eventually join the Columbia, Colorado, and Missouri Rivers. Pacific Creek heads near the summit of the range and flows westward to join the Columbia. Atlantic Creek, which joins the Missouri system, heads in the same swamp at Two Oceans Pass, about 25 miles northeast. (Wyoming Guide) During the summer of 1873, Captain William A. Jones and party explored northwestern Wyoming and Yellowstone.On September 3, the reached Two Ocean Pass. (Jones)
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