Heart Mountain
Title:Heart Mountain
Other Names:Heart Peak
Feature Category:Land Features
Origin Of Name:Name comes from the Crow Indians, because it stuck up sharply like a human or animal heart. There is a legend about it. Sometimes spelled "Hart" but is spelled with an "e" on the Lewis and Clark map. (WPA) "So far as the naming of the Heart Mountain division (of the Shoshone project) is concerned, there is a slight disagreement on the matter of spelling. Residents around Cody, Wyo. spell it "Hart." Other people on the project adhere to the spelling of "Heart," which is the official name given the division by the Bureau of Reclamation, logically enough because of the Heart-shape of Heart Mountain." ("Speaking of Names" in The Reclamation Era, June 1946, p. 136) Reported locally to have been named for Crow Heart and not from General Heart-Mr Hayden, surveyor of Cody, Wyoming. (Decisions, 1908)
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