Bighorn River
Title:Bighorn River
Other Names:Ahsahta River, Arsata River, Arikusu Hukaahaanu, Arikusu Huukaahaanu, Big Wind River, Great Horn River, Ksaiyo'he, Le Corne
County:Big Horn; Washakie; Hot Springs
Feature Category:Water Features
Origin Of Name:The name comes from an Indian word "ahsahta" meaning horned sheep. They were found in large numbers among the rocks and precipices of the area. (WPA) River, tributary to the Yellowstone River, so named from the Rocky Mountain sheep, frequently called "big horn." Its Indian (Dakota) name was papatunkau, meaning "big head." (Gannett, 1905)
Topic:Seasons of the Bighorn. Kelly, George. Minocqua, Wis. : Willow Creek Press, c1997.; Bighorn country : an introductory guide. Sanders, Jerry D. Buffalo, Wyo. : Three-Mile Creek Publishing Co., [1987].; Bighorn River habitat & recreation management plan. United States. Bureau of Land Management. Worland District. [Worland, Wyo.] : U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Worland District, [1989]
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