Fort Bonneville
Title:Fort Bonneville
Other Names:Old Fort Bonneville, Fort Nonsense, Bonneville's Folly, Bonneville's Old Fort
Feature Category:Manmade Features
Origin Of Name:Known as "Bonneville's Old Fort," but called by the trappers "Fort Nonsense," or "Bonneville's Folly," from the fact that no use was ever made of it. This was because Bonneville later realized that the situation of the post was such that the climate was too severe in winter for a permanent post. Even the Indians left it in winter. Located on the west shore of Green River, five miles above the mouth of Horse Creek. (WPA) Fort Bonneville was built in 1832 by Captain B. L. E. Bonneville but was abandoned within a month when he moved to Salmon River for the winter. It was here that the Rendezvous of 1833 was held and the fort definitely described by W. A. Ferris in his journal. (Annals of Wyoming 15:1) First Fort in Wyoming (1832); named for Captain B. L. E. Bonneville. (Trenholm and Carley)
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