Grand Teton National Park
Title:Grand Teton National Park
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Origin Of Name:The present total area of Grand Teton National Park is one hundred fifty square miles. Situated along the west edge of Wyoming, it includes the most beautiful and spectacular mountains of America, the Grand Tetons, besides many beautiful lakes which are nestled in wooded areas just at the base of these gigantic spires. The great array of peaks which constitutes the scenic climax of this national park is one of the most spectacular massing of mountain spires in the world. Truly, the Teton Mountains are the Alps of America. They are a part of the Rocky Mountain system and begin about six miles north of the canyon through which the south fork of the Snake River runs just before crossing Wyoming's west boundary entering Idaho, and extend northerly seventy five miles. (WPA)
Topic:Daugherty, John, A Place Called Jackson Hole: the historic resource study of Grand Teton National Park. Grand Teton National Park: National Park Service, 1999.
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