Yellowstone River
Title:Yellowstone River
Other Names:Aahkawirahkata, E-chee-dick-karsh-ah-shay, Encheda-cahchi-ichi, Mi tse a-da-zi, Pierre Jaune, River Rockybone, River Yellow Rock, River a la Biche, River aux Roches Jaunes, Roche Jaune; Mi-tsi-a-da-zi; Moehe'yoe; Waahukaahaanu; Yellowstone
County:Park; Teton
Feature Category:Water Features; Yellowstone National Park
Origin Of Name:The name is a translation of the original French name, roche jaune, meaning "yellow rock." Another authority states it is from the Indian, mi-tsi-a-da-zi, "rock yellow river." (Gannett, 1905) River, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo., ... flowing northerly across the park, northeast into the Missouri River. Minnetaree Indian name, Ni tsi a da zi meaning "rock yellow river." The early French explorers called it Roche Jaune, meaning "yellow rock." (Decisions, 1930)
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