Goshen Hole
Title:Goshen Hole
Other Names:Goshen Hole Basin, Goshen Hole Lowland, Goshes Hole, Gauche Hole, Gaucher Hole, Goche's Hole
Feature Category:Land Features
Origin Of Name:Goshen Hole is a basin in the area which is to the south of a range of hills along the North Platte River. Originally known as Gosche's Hole, from the name of a French trapper who settled in that locality, it was corrupted into Goshen, Biblical "land of plenty," by early pioneers, probably on account of vast stretches of native hay, indigenous to the area, on which great herds of antelope grazed. (WPA) Goshen County, with Torrington as its county seat, was formed in 1911, and while it no doubt was named with the Biblical "Land of Goshen" in mind, historians disregard the fact that Goshen Hole was "Goche's Hole" almost a century ago. This large depression named for the Assiniboine chief Goche, Gauche, or Gaucher was far from "a land of plenty" when Parkman passed through there in 1846 after completing his stay in the Fort Laramie vicinity. He describes it as "a wide sterile basin." (Trenholm)
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